Note that in term 3 (2020) both in person and online classes are being offered. Click here to enrol.


For more details and to enrol in watercolours or drawing classes follow the links below. Currently, there are two locations: 


New Farm

Watercolour & Drawing Classes

I am delighted to offer our local Brisbane community the opportunity to learn how to successfully paint watercolours supported by other media such as pen and ink or gouache. 


My classes offer the most informative content in a friendly and encouraging environment. 

The classes are for all levels, teaching practical skills in brush work, paint mixing and use of tonal values. My guidance will help you to use the paintbrush with confidence and start creating your own stunning art.

Recommended Materials (Watercolours)


White watercolour paper:

good quality cold-pressed 300 gsm/140 lb, 190 gsm/72 lb (good for pen and wash); preferred brand - Arches, Fabriano, Strathmore or similar.

NOTE: please don't buy cheap/ poor quality paper - it is easier and more enjoyable to paint watercolours on a good quality paper.

Travel journal: ideally, paper should be acid free, heavyweight for dry and wet media; must be suitable for pencil, ink and watercolour wash; size - A5 or similar (but not too small). 



Watercolour tubes (preferred) or pans;  Windsor & Newton Cotman is a preferred student brand.




Ultramarine blue

Cerulean blue

Cobalt blue 

Classic blue (colour of the year) NEW

Prussian blue (optional) or Windsor blue (optional)

Turquoise (optional)



Raw sienna

Cadmium yellow

Lemon yellow or similar (optional)



Alizarin crimson

Light red

Cadmium red (optional)


Browns & Grey

Burnt sienna

Payne grey

Sepia (optional)

Burnt umber (optional)



Round watercolour brushes size 14 or 12, 8, 4 or 5, 2 (essentially: large, medium, small) 

Rigger size 1

Medium hake (or similar flat brush) e.g. 1" or 1 1/4" 



Pencil  & Pen

Soft 2B (or very soft 4B)

Pen and ink (black or brown)

Charcoal stick NEW

Pastel (oil or dry) pencil or stick (white or light grey)



Watercolour palette or just a white (porcelain) plate

Masking tape

Old towel(s)

Small sponge

Flat & smooth wooden or plastic board (attach paper to it with masking tape)

Water container

Small spray bottle

White gouache and/ or white pastel pencil

Desk easel (optional)

Recommended Subjects

Rural landscape






Recommended Materials (Drawing)



White paper sketchbook (A4 or similar size) 

Grey or brown /tinted paper (e.g. craft paper book or loose sheets)


Black Medium soft - B; Soft - 2B, 4B 

White pastel pencil


Flat & smooth wooden or plastic board (attach paper to it using a masking tape)



Current classes: 

  • use 'Download - list of materials' buttons (above left) to print (watercolours or drawing classes);

  • go to MEMBERS (see top menu) to download a list of suggested subject images (watercolours classes).


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